About our “Invest-Reposition-Divest” program

The nation’s unprecedented housing distress has created new opportunities in the real estate and mortgage assets market.

PMACUSA is a highly specialized real estate investment company based in San Francisco and provides a full range of services for private and institutional Investors.

Properties – Residential, 2-4 Units, and Mixed-Use:

  • Tracking and sorting through an average of 80+ homes a day that are in foreclosure and or other distressed channels (REO, Short Sale, Probate, etc.).
  • Research of the physical condition of the property in conjunction with using a proprietary developed comping system to determine quick-sale value. Verifying chain of title (delinquent taxes, IRS liens, mechanic’s liens, etc.) and providing profit summary for a “bid / no-bid” decision.
  • Bidding at Foreclosure and or Submitting Offer – we have a team member present at all sales for bidding and or preparing and submitting offer at best price and terms for target acquisition.
  • Renovating property when necessary to maximize returns – using services of a proven design and rehab team to add-value with controlled costs.
  • Selling and closing property sale – working closely with Realtor partner in the staging, pricing, marketing, negotiating and closing of transaction.
  • Whole Loans and Mortgage Assets (Stand-Alone Asset Class):
  • For the past decade, mortgage lenders aggressively originated mortgage loans using adjustable rate mortgages, relaxed underwriting standards, and interest-only loans with initial low teaser rates. Now, these same aggressive lending and underwriting policies have resulted (among other variables) in rising defaults and creating a dislocation in the $10.8 trillion Whole Loan and Mortgage Assets market. As a result, institutional lenders, banks, and other conduits are eager to unload their loans at significant discounts – this is the opportunity that PMACUSA has targeted.


  • Acquire individual Whole Loans and or Mini-Pools (loan portfolios) at discounts (to current property value).
  • Restructure and reposition (first working with the homeowner who has the ability, willingness and motivation to pay the mortgage).
  • Remarket the whole loan and or mortgage asset into the trading environment for superior yields and profit.

Our Commitment to You

Because finding great deals is our main focus, you can count on our expert purchasing, rehab and repositioning abilities. Since our inception, our tradition of investor and customer satisfaction, technical expertise, results and profit oriented approach have earned the confidence and loyalty of our expanding investor and client base.

Our portfolio consists of more than $58,000,000 in acquired and sold assets. We have the expertise to track, purchase, renovate, market, and sell investment properties. We aim to minimize the turnaround time and maximize profit potential. Select properties are kept in our portfolio and used for rental income with excellent positive cash flow.

Today, our focus is on providing investors and home buyers with exclusive opportunities to purchase distressed asset’s (properties and whole loans) as a primary residence or as an income-generating asset at substantially lower than market value.

Contact us and speak with our Managing Member about our history, success, track record and pending opportunities.



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