Welcome to Property & Mortgage Acquisition Company, USA “PMACUSA”

Property & Mortgage Acquisition Company USA, “PMACUSA” is a fully integrated real estate investment and alternative-asset company focused on the real estate and credit dislocations across the U.S. property and mortgage markets.
PMACUSA is able to bring to the market “new and patient capital” from long-term investors as an initial step in addressing the U.S. real estate and mortgage crisis.
We are acquiring properties, whole loans, and mortgage assets from lenders, national financial institutions and third-party entities seeking to reduce their REO and mortgage exposures.

Our aim is to keep borrowers in their homes by avoiding foreclosures through proven programs and strategies that motivate and empower homeowners to pay their mortgages. PMACUSA will refer borrowers to work with our lending partners that specialize in the public and private loan programs as well as private money solutions and long-term financing for borrowers who require time to accomplish their property and financial objectives.

PMACUSA is managed by a team of property and mortgage industry veterans – since 1992 – and is based in San Francisco, California.

The PMACUSA team has: extensive experience in real estate finance, asset and portfolio management, property and project management, developed processes and systems for high-touch loan servicing, created a proprietary platform using web-enabled technology to increase productivity and reduce operational expenses. A low-cost structure helps maximize and create value for consumers and investors while preserving home ownership and delivering superior results to our partners and investors.

We maintain the highest standards of integrity and a commitment to uncompromising ethical standards. We take great pride in providing exemplary service, fostering best business practices and empowering individuals.



2010 Ocean Avenue, Suite E
San Francisco, CA 94127
Office: 415.349.4108
Fax: 650.239.3696
Email: info@pmacusa.com
Website: www.pmacusa.com